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Inflammation of the epididymis is much more common than orchitis. Epididymitis usually arises as a complication of an urinary system infection, and is usually caused by a bacteria. In the past, gonorrhoea was the most common cause of epididymitis. Nowadays, most cases are probably caused by chlamydia. Nevertheless, in many cases no identifiable organism is found.

Symptoms may occur quite suddenly and can include:

  • A rise in body temperature accompanied by chills
  • A sore swelling of the epididymis
  • Hot, reddish scrotal skin
  • Occasionally, pain in the stomach accompanied by a sick feeling and vomiting

Symptoms of a urinary tract irritation may also be present. These include burning pain when passing urine and an increased need to urinate. The inflammation can involve the testis, which is very painful and may be described as acute epididymo-orchitis.

Consult your doctor immediately if you have symptoms relating to any urinary infections.

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