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  • Prostate Cancer


    Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system.

    Most prostate cancers are slow growing; however, there are cases of aggressive prostate cancers.

  • Enlarged Prostate


    The prostate is a variable-sized gland located in the male pelvis, usually the size of a walnut measuring 3-4 Centimeters long and 3-5 centimeters width. On average the gland weighs about 20 grams. The prostate surrounds the urethra,

  • Prostatic Urethral Lift


    Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a condition where that prostate gland enlarges and obstructs the urethra (tube which expels urine from the bladder) resulting in urine retention and pain. The prostatic urethral lift is an implant system that holds the enlarged prostate away from the urethra allowing the free flow of urine.

  • Laser Treatment for BPH

    Laser Treatment for BPH

    Green light laser is a type of laser (532nm Wavelength) used for laser prostatectomy. It treats prostate enlargement by vaporisation of the prostate tissue.

  • Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery

    Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery

    The kidneys are situated in the posterior part of the abdomen, one on either side of the vertebral column (spine) and surrounded by a mass of fat and loose areolar tissue. Each kidney is about 11.25 cm. in length, 5 to 7.5 cm. in breadth, and rather more…

  • Complex Kidney Stones

    Complex Kidney Stones

    Urinary stones (calculi) are hardened mineral deposits that form in the kidney. They originate as microscopic particles and develop into stones over time. Urinary stones may contain various combinations of chemicals. The most common type of stone contains calcium…

  • Bladder Cancer

    Bladder Cancer

    Bladder cancer is responsible for approximately 3% of all malignancies diagnosed in Australia each year. Bladder cancer is more common in men than women and typically affects people over 60 years of age. Bladder cancer at an early stage of growth…

  • Female Urology

    Female Urology

    The subspecialty of female urology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of those urinary tract disorders most prevalent in females….

  • Vasectomy


    Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male contraception and could be permanent. It involves blocking the tubes (vas deferens) that carry the sperm…

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